• Professional author services

    We offer professional editing, proofreading, design, printing and binding services to authors looking to self-publish. We work with publishing experts who can turn your manuscript into a professional-quality product to rival mainstream publishing houses.

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Oliphant is a full-service self-publishing company offering professional editorial, design and print services to UK authors and independent publishers. We are NOT a vanity publisher. What’s the difference?

We provide a turnkey self-publishing service that can take your book from manuscript to polished finished product in as little as two months, whether you are looking to publish a trade paperback, a quality hardback or an ebook you can sell on platforms like Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Apple iBooks.

Whether you have written a novel, a children’s picture book, a business guide, a local history book, a self-help manual or a memoir – or perhaps something else entirely – we are here to help turn your manuscript into a professional-quality publication.

You can take advantage of our complete self-publishing package, or you can select just one or two of our services according to your needs. Our services include:

What you will get

  • A prompt and efficient service
  • Full, comprehensive project management from manuscript to publication
  • Copy-editing by an experienced editor
  • Cover and page design by a professional graphic designer
  • A finished product of comparable quality to those produced by established publishing houses
  • No hidden fees
  • 100% of all profits generated from sales of your book

What you won’t get

  • Sales call pestering if you request a quote from us or submit your first chapter for free copy-editing
  • Upselling – we will always advise you according to your needs and best interest
  • Guaranteed sales of your book (although we can help out with promotion and marketing)
  • Royalties – as the publisher of your own work you own all books and receive 100% of the selling price on each, not a percentage
  • Unauthorised changes to your text – you retain creative control at all times and will be asked to sign off on all amendments

FREE copy edit for first chapter from Oliphant